Start times as one as follows:

CatStart      Time         RaceLength      Course

Under 8's     9:00           10mins         Short Course

Under 10's   9:15            15mins        Short Course

Under 12's   9:40            20mins        The Hill Course

Under 14's   15:00          30mins        Little Dog Course

Under 16's   14:30          1hour          Little Dog Course

Juniors         14:00          1hour 30      Little Dog Course


Solo - Male (18+)  £35.00
Solo - Female (18+)  £35.00
Solo - Vet Male (40+)  £35.00
Solo - Vet Male (50+) £35.00

Pairs - Male (18+)  £50.00
Pairs - Female (18+)  £50.00
Pairs - Mixed (18+)  £50.00
Pairs - Male (50+) £50.00
Pairs - Singlespeed (18+) £50.00
Pairs - Male 60 Plus (60+) £50.00  
Pairs - Retro (pre-95 bike only) £50.00

Team of 3 - Male (18+)  £55.00
Team of 3 - Female (18+)  £55.00
Team of 3 - Mixed (18+)  £55.00

CLIF SHOT laps - One lap "race" involving unlimited tea and coffee. £8


The adult race will start at midday on Saturday 12th August 2017 and finish at 6pm.



From 9am to 11.30am and the course will be open for practice from 11am.



These will be invited to sign on at 11.40 (20mins before the start) for any spaces remaining.
Contact Us to be put on the official reserves list.


OneDer Dog Overview


First OneDer Dog laps are at 1pm. Last OneDer Dog laps are at 5pm.

After the main racing has been going for an hour the OneDer Dog  racing starts. Rock up to the separate start line with your number  (fresh from your musette sign-on pack) and head off. A time is worked by  TimeLaps and it will put on a leader board. A bit like Top Gear. This  will be a proper timed run, so you will get a pop at the fastest lap,  The Hot Dog, and a chance of winning the much coveted trophy from Ricardo.

That way you can see what you did it in and can go back out for  another one later if you want and pay again. If several of you OneDer  Dogs want to race each other, just start at the same time.

This is a great category too for those wanting a blast but not a long race. Time to ride, compare, eat cake and maybe go again.